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Good Health Homeo Clinic


Good Health Homeo Clinic

Good Health Homeo Clinic is the first State of the Art Classical Homeopathic Clinic of West Bengal situated in Siliguri,West Bengal with the vision to provide the Suffering Humanity to regain their lost Health Completely . We treat our patients with the Vision that when a person is Diseased it most of the time affects all 3 levels of Health i.e. PHYSICAL, MENTAL & EMOTIONAL level. So during taking the Case History of our Patients we take the Symptoms Carefully from all 3 Levels and Choose Very Carefully the medicine with very detailed study of the Case.

Therefore after the treatment our patients not only get relieved from their Disease but also get back their Lost Health and Energy Level and again Enjoy the Joy of living which they may have Experienced Long back.

Dr.Saswata Kundu

BHMS (Kol). W.B.U.H.S.
PGDM In Classical Homeopathy (IACH,GREECE)