About Homeopathy

Myths And Facts About Homeopathy

Myths And Facts About Homeopathy:

1. Homeopathic Medicine acts Very Slow?

It depends upon the disease and the levels of health of the patient. Since in upper levels of health immune system and energy level is strong and there is no past history of so much diseases. So here Homeopathic medicine acts very fast with quick recovery from chronic disease.

But as health status goes low and there has been a history of series of diseases from the past so here to get complete cure we have to cure upper layer of disease first then we can go to the next layer and so on. But after this whole process patient gets back his childhood health and live without any deep disease.

2. Homeopathy cures all diseases?

Homeopathic treatment can cure all natural diseases but there has some limitations as in all other treatment methods. Such as-

  • In accidental cases where you have fractured and big trauma.
  • In multiple and big gall stone and kidney stone cases.
  • In dental procedures and especially dental caries.
  • In some illness where surgical procedure is urgent to save the life of the patient.

  • 3. Homeopathic Treatment increase of the disease before curing?

    It is partially true. If there is only functional problem or acute problem then there little or no increase of the patient’s problem.

    But if there is inflammation and organic problem such as arthritis etc. then there is slight increase of the problem after starting the homeopathic medicine. It occurs due to boosting of the immune system of our body because it gives extra push to the immune system to help it’s ineffective effort to cure the disease. In fact this increase is most desirable and good sign because it means that prescribed Homeopathic medicine has acted correct and cure will happen soon.

    4. Homeopathic Medicine cannot be taken with conventional Allopathic Medicine?
  • Some allopathic medicine such as medicine for Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid medication does not disturbs Homeopathic treatment and patient can take these medications along with Homeopathic treatment.

  • Steroids, anti-biotics, anti-allergic, pain killers and some other medicines disturbs the Homeopathic treatment. So it is advisable not to take these medicines during Homeopathic Treatment. Though in some cases patient can continue these medication as per Homeopaths advice along with homeopathic medicine and the Homeopathic Doctor will slowly take over these medicines when Homeopathic medicine take over the case and the patient will have little or no suffering.

  • 5. Homeopathic Medicine contains steroids?

    It is very wrong idea about Homeopathic medication. Steroids disturbs the Homeopathic treatment and it is advisable not to take Steroids during Homeopathic treatment. So how it is possible that Homeopathic medicine contains steroids!

    6. There is no Side Effect and Risk in Homeopathic Self Medication?

    This is very wrong idea and concept to the common people. Homeopathic medicine is high energy medicine which corrects the body’s energy field when it is given only correctly and scientifically. So wrong and Self medication is very risky in Homeopathy as it can cause very deep and dangerous effect to health of the patient.

    7. Homeopathic treatment is very slow in Acute Diseases?

    - It a very wrong idea. Homeopathic medicine acts instantly and very fast then all other therapies. But the exact medicine must be give for an experienced Homeopath on scientific principles.

    8. Homeopathy is a Placebo Therapy?

    Homeopathic medicine acts on the principles of quantum physics on the energy field of the body. And Quantum physics is most advances than Particle physics. So Homeopathic Treatment is the most advanced treatment for the present and future world. Regarding this you can listen the lecture of my teacher Prof. George Vithoulkas.