How Disease occurs

How Disease occurs in our body according to Classical Homeopathy?

How Disease occurs in our body according to Classical Homeopathy?

  • Our body consist of Mental, Emotional and Physical plane and the whole of it are bind together by the energy field of our body. What is the difference between a living and dead person? It is only the presence or absence of this energy filed.

  • Disease occurs due to stress on any one, two or all of these three levels. When stress occurs in one of this level then it directly attacks and challenges the Energy complex of the body and develop symptoms in one, two or all three areas of the body as a defence reaction.

  • Now on which area (M/E/P) the symptom will develop and it’s intensity or it will develop or not develop will depend upon the strength of the Energy Field of the organism or we can say on the Levels of Health of the organism.

  • In the Higher Levels of health the Energy Field of our body is so strong so that any External Noxious Influences / Negative Energy will not be able to affect our body and produce disease. So we can see that a person remain Mentally, Emotionally and Physically healthy up to advanced age.

  • On the other side if the Energy filed of our body is low i.e. if we belong to lower levels of health then any negative influences can affect our body and cause disease. Here we can see development of disease in the mental, emotional and physical level of the organism.