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Introduction to the Case Taking

Read this carefully before submitting your case taking

About Classical Homeopathy

What is Classical Homeopathy?

Classical Homeopathy is the Pure Original Form of Homeopathy where the Individual is considered as a Whole and the symptoms from body, Mind & Emotions are taken when choosing the Homeopathic Remedy. As our total body organize as a System and any disturbance in it manifest as symptoms on these 3 planes. Classical Homeopathy most closely matches the totality of individual’s symptoms and personality with the Homeopathic remedy in order to stimulate body’s own natural healing response. It cures the whole disorganized and diseased system of the person in its’ whole extent and give it’s Mental, Emotional & Physical Stability, so that the person begins to enjoy his/her Joy Of Living…..

How Classical Homeopathy works?

Correct Homeopathic medicine boosts up the Immune System of the patient and therefore, strengthens it to fight against the disease(s) aggressively, resulting in to permanent removal of the curable disease or long time relief of the incurable disease in the body, if given ethically following the thorough consultation of a patient & treatment following the fundamentals of the Homeopathic Science.

Acute Diseases (Cough, Cold, Fever etc.):- Symptoms in acute diseases occur when your body is invaded with Bacteria or Viruses and your Immune system fights against them and produces symptoms. These symptoms is your body’s effort to get rid of those bacteria and viruses. Therefore a Homeopath collects all the details of the symptoms and chose correct homeopathic medicine to boost up your immune system and get rid of viruses or bacteria. Therefore after correct Homeopathic treatment for your acute diseases you do not feel Lethargy or Weakness as it does not suppress the Immune system rather boost up your Immune System.

Chronic Diseases:- In Chronic diseases are due to Chronic Inflammation in our body in Physical Level or it is also most of the time due to Psycho-somatic disorder. So when the correct medicine is chosen by taking all the symptoms from the mental and physical level of the patient it balances the whole system and helps to regain back the lost health of the patient. So after the treatment they feel more energetic than before…

The aim of case form is to give our homoeopathic consultants a fair idea of you as an individual. Please read the following instructions carefully before proceeding to fill the form

All our efforts will be concentrated towards selecting the best possible medicine for you. Homoeopathic medicine is mainly selected on the symptoms you give us. If we are to make a successful prescription, we must know all the details of your sickness. We must also understand all the features that belong to you as an individual. This includes your reactions to various factors, your past and family history and your mental makeup. In order to find out all about you, we shall be asking you many questions. Each one of these questions has a definite meaning and significance for us. Even something that you may think is not connected with your trouble may be the most important factor in deciding the correct homoeopathic medicine. So please feel frank in giving information.

Read each question carefully, think, and if necessary, consult someone close to you and then answer completely. To tell or write to a homoeopathic physician, " I have a headache, eruptions, or a cough is not enough. If you inform him that I have headaches with sharp shooting pains, especially in the left side of the head, more so at night when going to sleep. The pains are much better when the head is tied up and he/she cannot tolerate fan at all. I am irritated with the pain so much so that the least noise or things not in their place makes the headache worse, till I can see that things are back in their original place." This kind of feedback is more certain to help your homeopath, in understanding your personality type and hence your remedy better .We reserve the right to use this information provided by you for our in-house research or statistical purpose. ‘The centre’ also aims at providing advanced clinical training to homoeopathic students / practitioners. To achieve this, the academy conducts lectures for benefit homoeopathic students / practitioners via transmission of clinic proceedings to classrooms with your prior consent.


I have read the above instructions and understand that my interview may be video recorded for the purpose of study & teaching, I give consent for the same.

Please give us the following documents (either photo or scanned) with this form:-
1. All your recent & old medical reports(e.g. C.B.C., ESR, U.S.G, X-ray plates, electrocardiograms, etc)
2. Any document/prescription connected related to past homoeopathic treatment.
3. Upload your signature.